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Meet Michelle Brumfield

Certified Health Coach

Michelle Brumfield comes from a proud lineage of educators and public servants who believe that persistence and perseverance pay off. She values education, inner wisdom, and creativity. This combination has served her well. Her varied experiences in the arts and international study provided her with a multitude of opportunities that have allowed her to celebrate diversity and tap into her creativity while still honoring her family’s practical side. 

Brumfield became a high school teacher and administrator. For 25 years, she successfully committed herself to serving people and communities. She embraced collaboration and coached school communities to show steady growth. Her love for the arts and culture, expression of the authentic self, and passion for tapping into the interests of all learners were ever present in her work.  All was going well until I was abruptly terminated and slandered; my reputation was tarnished; and my physical and mental health was compromised. Instead of letting someone craft a false story about my identity, I decided to craft my own narrative. I couldn’t achieve my goals alone, so I enlisted ‘accountability partners’ who would be my village of support; I worked diligently on my physical, mental, and spiritual health and was intentional about prioritizing my wellness journey. I put in the work and lived by the saying, “Small hinges swing big doors.” 


She did the hard work to own her wellness narrative. It paid off, and a year later Radical Wellness LLC was born. It is guided by Brumfield’s life principles of Authenticity, Accountability, and Sustainability because she knows they foster momentum and results. As a wellness curator, she works with individuals, groups, and corporations to craft a unique wellness learning experience that will increase energy and productivity, honor the individual experiences and ideas of clients, and promote a cycle of continuous growth. When participants are engaged, validated, and equipped with skills that are collaboratively created, they create sustainable habits, vibrant support networks, and an authentic narrative. 

She engages her clients in a deep analysis of their strengths, needs, and goals to develop a comprehensive and strategic plan tailored to specific identified outcomes.  Uncover how Radical Wellness LLC equips individuals with ‘habits’ to sustain long lasting, positive change. 

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